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Friday, April 21, 2006

Riders on an Internet Thunder storm

I just noticed today how may weather blogs are out there. With all the online weather tools, Doppler radar, wind reports, satellite photos. You can find yourself arguing with the local weather man. “I know what’s going to happen mister weather man, I went to Jim’s weather shack.”
Take that so called master of the local forecast, beat him, feed him to the lions. I don’t need your stupid five day outlook, let alone your ill-predicted seven day.

I find myself standing outside while the public alert system is blaring in the background. With my battery backup laptop no more then five feet away. Then something that smacks from the Lieutenant Dan character in Forrest Gump, calling out into the wild night. “You call this a storm?!” I’ll tell you why I’m calling out into the storm. Because my laptop clearly states that the downdraft is moving to the southeast, away from the dry-line. To hell with your Doppler. I have Google therefore I am.

Take a look at some of the best weather sites out there


Weather Underground

Justin's Weather Blog

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Seven Steps to Better Blogging

If you’re a blogger then you have to admit, I know it’s tough. But your just lazy. There are so many things to do in the day besides your blog. But if you want to have a successful blog then you going to have to commit to posting at least three or four times a week. If your blog has tons of nice pictures, anecdotes and cute little quotes posted all over the place, but no story. Why would a come back every week?

Rule number one: Have something to say, and say it often.

Rule number two: Admit when your wrong.

There is nothing worse then a blogger is so full of themselves that he or she cant admit when there’re is wrong. Or worse, a blogger who lies. I once clicked on to someone’s blog because they had an article about how George Bush wants to build a bridge to Puerto Rico . It was a lie. In fact you may ask: are you lying now? Yes! You see, always tell the truth.

Rule Number three: Pictures are awesome, just don’t flood my screen.

I’m sure if you have had time to scroll through blogger’s blog roll your bound to come across someone posting photos on their blog, often times photos I want to look at.
But when your photos are humongous and go three or four page lengths, your blog is going to look more like a family news letter.
Keep your photos on a sidebar out of the way of your writing. If visitors like what you write, they’ll look at your photos. Use a photo hosting service like flicker. Its free and easy to use.

Rule Number Four: Ditch the Disco Ball and Rotten Music

This rule is how most of the time I can judge a blog within the first five seconds of visiting. If your blog has tons of flashing banners, buttons and music; I’m going to hit the back button with zero prejudice.
There is nothing I dislike more then clicking on a blog link then within seconds, blasted with the lyrics of some unknown punk band. Not everyone likes your music, in fact they hate your music. Sometimes am all alone and everyone in the house asleep and without warning I'm hit.
If you like a band then say so, write about them. Putting music files on web pages was really cool back in 1995, probably before you were born.

Rule Number Five: Learn to Spell

Need I say more? Good example

Rule Number six: Make your own Blogging Rule List

This is simple. The more people who know how to design a better web page, the better off the world will be. More people will visit blogs, you get praise and the world goes round and round.

Rule Number Seven: My Name is Robert Paulson

Wither or not you decide to use your own name on your blog is up to you. I’ll admit the name I post under is not my real name, albeit my professional name which I have always written under. You might be better off with another name then HaywoodJaBlowMe1577. If you ever get a book deal, thats just not going to fly.

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